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Thinking Outside of the Plastic Hanger Bag…

Replace the plastic hanger bag with a more eco-friendly roll-packed t-shirt.

It’s been all over the news for months – plastic is killing our oceans,

putting ecosystems at risk and affecting our food chain.

Despite the negative attention, it seems that reducing our use is easier said than done.

At International Insignia, we are dedicated to ensuring we leave as little impact on the earth as possible

We think it is time for retailers to take responsibility for the problem,

since many throw-away plastics come from packaging, much of which is an unnecessary evil.‘No Copyright Infringement Intended – We do not own the rights to this image.’

For example, shredded paper or cardboard could be used in place of those irritating foam s-shaped pieces,

and more and more innovative packaging ideas are hitting the market,

such as mushroom packaging, seaweed packaging and seed packaging to name just a few.

At International Insignia, we are always trying to think outside of the box when it comes to packaging.

Currently, many of our clients take their t-shirts in hanger bags,

but we have come up with a new idea which we think is a massive improvement.

With merchandising always at the forefront of what we do, we have created a special wrap for our t-shirts.

When wrapped around a rolled-up t-shirt, they make for an easy pick-up-and-go item on shelves, encouraging sales and promoting each individual brand at the same time.

The wrap is made from recycled paper and customised with your unique branded logo. We think they look great on shop shelves or when presented in a wicker basket.

Contact us for more information on roll-packed t-shirts and other packaging solutions.

Contact us for more information on roll-packed t-shirt and other packaging solutions

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