Sustainable fashion and providing ethical clothing for your customers has always been a hot topic for us, not just in the past few years with the rise of‘organic’ and ‘green’buzzwords.At International Insignia, we recognise the importance to help brands stand out, meet with their CSR initiatives and rising customer expectations. That’s why we put the work in to ensure you have sustainable product and packaging options for your customers which are certified.

We offer a wide range of organic yet affordable clothing products that perform on durability, softness and comfort. From 100% organic cotton items to bamboo fibre travel mugs, we can provide bespoke and customisable products that work for your merchandising needs and help your brand stand out.



We can help reduce your carbon footprint further by offering custom made plastic-free packaging and labelling solutions. Our most popular solution being our recycled our paper wrap packaging. Custom designed for your brand, this wrap makes a premium looking, pick-up-and-go solution for your products whilst minimising waste.

 Enquire today to find out how we could help you achieve sustainable and green merchandise your customers will love.

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