We recognise the importance in the finishing touches to a product. That’s why we offer bespoke and customisable swing tags, neck and inside labelling for any product.

There are a wide range of options available in terms of materials and finishing options to suit your budget and brand.
We also offer eco-friendly, plastic-free and even tagless options to keep in line with your sustainability values.



Available in a wide range of shapes, colours and textures, swing tags (or tickets) are a popular label type for apparel items to display information such as size, price and wash care instuctions. Additionally, they are an excellent add on for showcasing your brand logo and business information. 



These labels are stitched into the garmet at the neck line and typically show the brand logo, name and sometimes clothing size. Neck labels are an excellent addition to support in brand recognition and create a fully branded product.



Tagless labels are an alternative to the traditional sew-on labels and are increasingly popular due to being a cost effective, environmentally-friendly finish which can result in a more comfortable garment for the user. Brand logos and product information can be featured.