We offer a range of embroidery and applique technique options resulting in premium and high-quality finished apparel.
Using needle and thread, we can craft the most complex designs onto any garment including 3D and flat embroidery and colour match threads to your requirements.

Embroidery is a popular technique for logo application to help establish corporate or brand identity and is easily applied to a variety of apparel and accessory products. The long lasting nature of embroidery makes this application desirable for consumer products and corporate workwear as it does not fade or deteriorate in the wash.



This common embroidery technique results in a more level finish but is effective for intricate and detailed designs which can bring an image to life.



This embroidery technique allows the design to be raised from the fabric surface, resulting in a bold and stand out finish.
3D embroidery is most suited to caps and outerwear items that are less frequently washed.