eCommerce Order Fulfilment

At International Insignia, we recognise the growth in online sales many of our clients are experiencing and we are able to help you with our Pick and Pack solution. We will be able to pick and ship your core stock items plus with our print-on-demand solution we can significantly increase your product range with little or no commitment from yourself. Our easy and simple pricing makes it quick and easy to outsource your order fulfilment to us so you can spend more time on growing your business


Pick and Pack an order


This is the cost for picking & packing an order, including the first item. Shipping and packaging fees are not included.

Additional Items


This is the pick and pack price for any additional items IN THE SAME ORDER. So a 3 item order would cost £2.99 + £2.00  = £4.99.


Stock Warehousing

£0.98 per cubic foot

Space for stock is a major issue and cost for you, we can help with this and hold your stock in our warehouse. We only charge you based on the amount of space your stock occupies in the warehouse.