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Brand Consistency

We discuss the importance of brand consistency within a retail space

Let’s talk brand consistency…

With over 37 years in the business and a continually growing client base, our customer files are inundated with brand guidelines for our designers to work with to ensure brand consistency. We are increasingly realising the importance of this, with the majority – if not all – of our client’s bestselling merchandise containing strong branding additions.

In the souvenir, attraction and university retail industry, many visitors will purchase an item as a token of their visit, either for themselves or as a gift. Branding your product with additions emblazoned with your logo, such as labels, swing tickets, woven tabs & packaging, can strengthen your retail status and help you compete in your market.

Now, let’s all agree that brand identities and style guides cost a very large amount from successful design agencies, this cost not just being price but also the lengthy amount of time it takes retailers to develop their branding with agencies. For smaller retailers this is just not feasible, however brand consistency can still be applied to products using swing tickets, neck labels, woven tabs and packaging.

Small retailers still have a name recognised by their customers with the majority also having a logo. To build brand continuity, branding additions (pictured above) help evolve your products to that next level. Think brand consistency could be something worth looking at for your retail shop? We actually offer a FREE OF CHARGE design service, with designers that are experienced in producing branding components – simply provide us with a brief or let us suggest branding options for you.

Check out our case study to see how ‘The University of Edinburgh’ use brand consistency within ‘The University of Edinburgh’ Visitor Centre.

Case Study: The University Of Edinburgh

With a University name to uphold, The University of Edinburgh Visitor Centre is a great example of consistent brand identity. With merchandise branded cleanly with neck labels, woven tabs & swing tickets; each garment sold by the University’s shop is finished with bespoke additions. Designed with an earthy and ethical feel, the branding not only reflects The University of Edinburgh’s rich heritage but also establishes the merchandise as a complete collection.

 With a circle crest logo predominantly used on both merchandise and branding, the University also uses wording such as Official Merchandise and Established 1583 to further its strong heritage alongside their corporate identity. As a recognised brand, the University’s key message for merchandise is that of ‘quality, prestige and global recognition’, whilst aiming to only put their logo on articles which ‘best represent the University’ and deliver their brand strategy.

The University of Edinburgh Online Shop

With a growing product range and a newly updated website, The University of Edinburgh shop continues to evolve the University’s status as a recognised brand, with an audience of both students and visitors purchasing the merchandise. The merchandise is a fantastic example of brand consistency, enabling the University to compete in the global marketplace.

Check out the website here:

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